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Water Color Artist & Instructor

Frederick Brosen, one of America’s finest watercolor artists, infuses his artworks with architectural romance, and creates urban landscapes that are imbued with a sense of history and limitless personal experiences. With masterful technique, he starts each work with a highly detailed sketch, slowly building color with light washes before adding layer upon layer of rich tone. The results are crystalline and sophisticated images that reflect each location through the intimacy of countless details.

As an instructor, Frederick is adept at sharing his mastery of traditional drafting and watercolor techniques with students of all levels while helping them achieve their personal goals and vision.

_E0A5365_BROSEN 3-12-21.jpg
New works on paper
Scenes from Cape Cod

After an almost 20 year hiatus I returned to Provincetown in 2019, again to be entranced by the unique bay light and beautifully maintained 19th century architecture. My familiarity and love of this place inspired me to paint it once again from a new, more observant perspective.

This new series of watercolors can be seen this Summer where they will be on view at William-Scott Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

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