Experienced Instruction

Over the past 40 years of painting, I have developed a unique approach to watercolor. Rooted in my in-depth studies of classical artists from Renaissance Master Draftsmen to the Early English Watercolorists, I have adapted my technique to suit a more modern application. The foundation of this technique is based on strong graphite drawings and the layering of numerous washes of transparent watercolor. Over the course of my 30 years of teaching I have learned to communicate this approach in an accessible way that can be tailored to suit your personal artistic goals. 

I pride myself on teaching to a wide range of experience levels, working with both novices and professional painters alike. The goal is to enable the student not to emulate me, but to paint like themselves more effectively. Currently I teach both workshops and private lessons via Zoom, with travel workshops hopefully resuming in the Fall of 2021. Information on upcoming workshops will be posted on this page. Private lessons can be arranged by emailing me at rickbrosen@gmail.com or sending me a message here.


Upcoming Workshops


Drawing, Painting, and Exploring Amsterdam

May 10-20th, 2022

Come enjoy this immersive Art experience with me in Amsterdam, that 17th century jewel of a city. Amsterdam is the European city I know and love best. Having first visited there when I was 18, have since been back to over a dozen times in the intervening years. It is there, among the Dutch architecture, canals and incomparable Dutch 17th c. paintings, that I first made the commitment to become a lifelong painter, and it remains the city of Art and artists from which I derive the most inspiration.

This workshop will be evenly split between drawing and painting excursions and trips to the major collections of the greatest of Dutch painters, the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, among others. It also included two day-trips, lodging and more.

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